What can a User do on myhrtoolkit?

This document outlines the areas of myhrtoolkit’s HR platform where a normal User can perform actions or make changes.

Message board icon

The first thing a User sees after logging in is their message board. Here they will find messages from colleagues and system notifications, receive documents, and respond to other items. The message board is a frequently a User’s main interaction with myhrtoolkit.

If the user is also a Manager, they will also have a Management version of the message board.

From the Account menu button at the top-right of the screen, a User can alter their Login details and Security questions.

If the User is also a Manager, they can specify various settings regarding the weekly emails they receive.

my file icon

‘My file’ lets a User update contact details, home address, emergency contact, etc.

Note – depending on how your myhrtoolkit HR system is set up, various notifications may be sent out when, for instance, a home address is updated, so that relevant parties are alerted to the changes.

Holidays icon

A normal User is able to request holiday from their Manager. They can also see their remaining holiday entitlement and upcoming holidays, making holiday requests much easier. They can also submit to to withdraw a holiday request, should the need arise.

Depending on how the myhrtoolkit system has been set up, they may also be able to see when colleagues in their department, location, or the entire organisation are on annual leave too.

See the Holidays support page for further details.

Absence icon

Sickness absence can be reported by a User on their return to work.

If their Manager has marked them as absent, they will update that absence record; if not, a new absence record will be created.

Further details can be found on the Absence support page.

Comms icon

A normal User is able to use the full functionality of the Comms subsystem.

  • Send work related messages to other employees within the organisation using the messager;
  • Upload and send single documents within the organisation.

For further details, see the Comms support page.

Training icon

Within the training system, a User can add personal training records, see the training courses and events they've been assigned to, and request new training from their Manager.

See the Training support page for more details.

Appraisals icon

Whilst the appraisals functionality within myhrtoolkit is overseen by the Manager, a User can download any pro forma documents made available to then in advance of an appraisal.

After the event, they can upload response documents or add notes against the appraisal, which will also be available to their manager/ appraiser.

Other features for users in myhrtoolkit

Features icons

The myhrtoolkit system has a variety of other functions available for the user –

  • The Document library is a repository for company documentation, from handbooks to CVs. A User is free to download any document that has been issued to them. With some document types, the user’s first download is recorded; with some they will be required to click a link to confirm they have read and understood the document.

  • If a Manager has delegated tasks to a User, it will show up in their My tasks section. Further information is available on the Tasks support page.

  • The Disciplinary record is a place where warnings are registered. Warnings have expiry times on them, after which they can be safely archived and deleted from the system.

  • A User can review their expected Hours to be worked in a normal week. This is not an interactive section of myhrtoolkit, but if the hours shown do not seem right, the User should notify their manager.

  • The Employee directory is provided to help users find contact details for colleagues within their organisation. The level of detail shown is set by a myhrtoolkit Controller.

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