Partner support: Custom sub domain

Create a custom sub domain

A single customer’s myhrtoolkit system can be assigned a custom sub domain. This can be done via the Partner Dashboard.

  • To update your company logo, use the ‘White Label’ settings option from the Dashboard.
  • To update a customer’s system, select ‘Edit’ from the customer’s row in the Dashboard.

Find the the 'Custom Sub Domain' option.

When ticked, you can set a global sub domain to be used by all your customers, or override that for a client-specific sub-domain to be used by a single customer.

For instance, were the company called 'Jo and Jim Ltd,' the sub domain might be entered as 'joandjim' and users would then navigate to to log in.

Note – When set at client level, restrictions come into force such that only users from that client can log into their sub domain. If a user from a different client tries logging in, the system will inform them they are not authorised to log into that sub domain.

You can also add a custom logo to a myhrtoolkit account.

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