How to import holidays and absence data


Using this feature you can import data your existing data into the system. It is currently only available in Set Up Phase.

Uploading Employee Holiday and Absence Data

First download a template spreadsheet, they can be found within the set up area at lines 40 (holiday) and 46 (absence).

On download it will automatically be populated with the staff names and numbers of all your employees. Save the spreadsheet onto your computer - somewhere accessible, e.g. 'My Documents.' The default spreadsheet is an empty spreadsheet with the column headings already prepared.

The columns in the spreadsheet are: [ User ID ] [ First Name ] [ Surname ] [ From ] [ To ] [ Time Off ]

Cut and paste your data into the spreadsheet. You may leave columns empty, but you cannot create new headings.

Please do not remove or change the numbers in the 'User Id' column. Make sure all dates are in the format dd/mm/yyyy. You must use exactly this format, with slashes, and all 'years' must have four digits (e.g. not '15/01/14', but '15/01/2014') The amount of time off should be entered as a number, i.e. for 3 days off or 3 hours off please simply enter the number: 3

Save the spreadsheet in 'CSV' format. To do this, use 'Save as...' and select the 'save as type' drop-down to choose 'CSV' or 'comma delimited,' depending on your spreadsheet application.

Having saved the spreadsheet on your computer, click on the 'Browse' button to select the spreadsheet and then click on 'Upload employee file' and follow the instructions.

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