A guide to calendar alerts in myhrtoolkit

What are Calendar alerts?

Calendar alerts is a feature in the system whereby a Controller can highlight a specific date or range of dates in the Calendar, which includes an alert message.

The alert message is free-text so it could be anything such as “Medical Training Available” or “Limited Holidays” for example.

myhrtoolkit calendar alerts

This feature can be used to either encourage or discourage items like holiday or training requests as when a user submits a request that falls on one of the highlighted dates, the system will flag the alert up to the user. It also flags the alert up to the manager that is either approving or declining the request.

How do I create a Calendar alert?

Calendar Alerts must be created by a Controller via Config > System > Calendar > Calendar alerts.

On this page, a Controller can choose to include the calendar alert information in the email notification sent to managers when they receive requests that fall on one of the highlighted dates.

To create a calendar alert, a Controller would need to select > Add a new alert.

Add a calendar alert

When a Controller selects this link, they will be taken to the alert creation page where they can specify the “From” and “To” dates for the alert, they can include the alert message they wish to be shown and lastly, a Controller can choose a colour to show the alert in the Calendar.

Once this information has been populated and submitted, the alert will appear in the Calendar.


Notifications can be sent to managers and holiday managers when users book holidays or training on dates where alerts have been set. This is controlled via a couple of check boxes on the Calendar alerts page.

These are set globally, rather than per Alert.

myhrtoolkit HR software calendar alert settings

Note – Alerts that are due in the future can be edited or deleted. However, once the alert has begun, or is in the past, it cannot be edited or deleted.
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